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YouView update fixes broken fast forward, improves search

YouView is adding new features and ironing out problems including broken fast forward and rewind.

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Richard Trenholm

YouView is adding new features and ironing out a range of problems. The new software update begins today and improves search and simplifies the guide.

What are the new features? Souped-up search, for a start, making it easier to search programmes that are on now or starting soon, while search suggestions will return results matching the exact search term used.

And you'll now be able to filter channels in the guide to make it easier to find something to watch without having to wade through pages of shopping channels and reality shows. Unless you want to watch shopping channels and reality shows, of course. Filters include HD, films, sports and childrens' channels.

Problems and bugs will also be fixed by the update, including subtitles appearing out of sync, fast forward and rewind getting stuck, and the box failing to connect to a phone or tablet.

The update begins beaming out to YouView set-top boxes built by Humax today, and updates will continue over the next two weeks. It'll arrive for TalkTalk boxes shortly afterwards.

It is possible to manually update your box but it should happen automatically. To see if you have the update, go to Settings > System Information > Software Versions and check whether you have Manufacturer Software: 12.7.0 and Component Software: 1.4.10. If so, you're updated.

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