Wimbledon star sports ads on her fingernails for 4K TV

British tennis star Anne Keothavong sports adverts on her fingernails at Wimbledon, to show off the detail of 4K UHD TV.

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Richard Trenholm
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British tennis star Anne Keothavong will sport adverts on her fingernails and shoelaces, of all places, to show off the detail of 4K Ultra High Definition TV at Wimbledon.

29-year-old Keothavong will sport microscopic advertising -- or microtising, if we have to -- on her fingernails, the hem of her skirt, her shoelaces and her tennis bat, as she tries to progress behind the second round for the first time.

Oh, and according to Keothavong, there are Sony ads in "a few hidden places no one has noticed yet."

Keothavong begins her Wimbledon campaign this evening against Spaniard Garbiñe Muguruza. Other Britons playing today include Andy Murray, Elena Baltacha, Johanna Konta, Samantha Murray, James Ward and Kyle Edmund. Fingers crossed!

4K love 

4K, also known as Ultra High Definition, offers four times more detail than the current high definition. Sony makes two high-end UHD TVs, the Bravia 55X9 and Bravia 65X9. Appropriately, the X9 is a 4K that costs £4k. Meanwhile Samsung recently announced cheaper UHD TVs measuring 55 and 65 inches alongside the 85-inch, £35,000 Samsung S9 UHD TV.

There isn't much other 4K stuff to watch just yet, although Sony has announced 4K Blu-rays of classic movies includingGhostbusters, Spider-Man, and Taxi Driver. And 4K television is expected to start in Japan in 2014.

It's the first time Wimbledon is to be filmed in 4K, with Sony cameras capturing the action. The F55 35mm 4K camera is a full-size professional video model, while the pro-level NEX-FS700 uses the smaller NEX lenses available on consumer cameras like the Sony NEX-5R.

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