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Watch this awesome recursive 'Lego Movie,' 'Simpsons' mashup

Short video spoofs both "The Simpsons" and the "Lego Movie," with meta homages to the famous couch scene in the TV show's opening title sequence.

The third layer of a recursive video mashing up 'The Simpsons' and the 'Lego Movie.' Screen shot by CNET

Love "The Simpsons" and love "The Lego Movie?" Then how can you not love this terrific video, which spoofs both in one simple recursive all-brick mashup?

Made by YouTube filmmaker Monsieur Caron, the video depicts the famous opening title sequence of "The Simpsons," with the whole family dressed as characters from "Lego Movie," complete with Bart as Batman. Then, it shows them watching the famous opening title sequence from "The Simpsons." Only this time, Emmet is playing Homer Simpson, and the family that runs in and sits down on the couch is the Lego minifigure stars of the "Lego Movie." Complete with Batman as Batman and Uni Kitty as Maggie Simpson

And then there's a third go-round, with all the main characters from both the TV show and the movie, climbing on and around a bunk bed.

It's short, it's meta, it's unauthorized, and comes on the heels of the release of the official Simpsons Lego set. And it's pretty awesome.</p>