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Time Warner Cable now streams to your desktop

Time Warner Cable has followed up its iPad app with a beta version of the software for streaming to a Mac or Windows PC.

Time Warner Cable

Time Warner Cable, which last year unveiled its first iPad app, has just launched a beta version of the software for computer streaming.

The new app lets cable (and data) subscribers stream live TV to their Mac or Windows PC while in the home.

The app's features include "Live TV" of a limited number of channels, a seven-day program guide, control of the set-top box (to watch on the TV screen) and the PC (to watch on the computer screen), DVR management, and a search function.

"Ever since launching the TWC TV app for the iPad, we've been expanding the platforms that our customers can use to get value from their video subscription, and this represents the latest star in that particular constellation", Jeff Simmermon, director of digital communication at Time Warner Cable, said in a TWC blog post.

The app is now compatible with the Windows and Mac versions of the following browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0+, Microsoft Firefox 4+, Apple Safari 5+, and Google Chrome. Users will also need to install Microsoft's Silverlight plug-in.

(Via The Verge)