Sky Sports nets free broadband to tempt BT customers

Sky is offering free broadband to anyone who subscribes to Sky Sports, to tempt BT customers to jump ship.

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Sky has fired another broadband broadside in the war with BT. The satellite TV broadcaster is offering free broadband to anyone who subscribes to Sky Sports TV channels, even if you currently get your Internet from BT.

New and existing Sky customers get a free year of Sky Broadband Unlimited, paying just the £14.50 line rental fee each month. Or you can get six months of super-fast Sky Fibre Unlimited, which usually costs £20 per month plus £14.50 line rental.

If you're not interested in sport, sign up for standard Sky and get broadband for a discounted £7.50.

BT kicked the rivalry between TV companies up a notch with the announcement of BT Sport this August. BT Sport channels -- with action including including 38 live Premier League games that won't be on Sky -- are free to BT broadband customers. Sky is basically making the same deal in reverse, offering free broadband to anyone buying sporting channels.

The offer is open to anyone switching from BT, or anyone who has a Sky dish but up until now thought Sky Sports was too expensive.

Sky is still more expensive -- with prices set to increase by 10 per cent in September -- but Murdoch's mob also have much more sporting action to choose from; Sky Sports still shows 116 Premier League matches each season.

On a related note, the fixtures for the 2013-14 football season are revealed on Wednesday at 9am.

Are you tempted to switch to Sky from BT, or is BT finally challenging the Sky stranglehold on sports, movies and TV? Tell me your thoughts in the comments, or you can switch for free to our Facebook wall.