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Sky+ HD box with built-in Wi-Fi coming September, Sky says

On an earnings call, the broadcaster revealed its plans for a box with wireless tech built in.

If you're sick of figuring out how to trail an Ethernet cable up to your Sky box's rump, salvation could be just around the corner -- the broadcaster has revealed that it's cooking up a Sky HD box with built-in Wi-Fi.

The swanky new box, which will connect to the Internet wirelessly, will be handed out as standard to new customers from September, Sky says.

"This will ensure every new customer will be connected automatically, and we'll also roll out this box selectively to existing customers who don't yet have an HD box," Sky's Jeremy Darroch explained in an earnings call.

It'll be interesting to see how the Wi-Fi box fares when it comes to downloading movies and streaming programmes. These tasks require the kind of swift, reliable connection that typically you'd leave to an Ethernet cable. Here's hoping the wireless box keeps the Ethernet port, so customers have the option of trying either method.

Also new is a wireless connector that will turn regular Sky boxes into Wi-Fi-friendly machines. Sky says this miracle gadget will be small enough to slip through customers' letter boxes, so here's hoping the broadcaster posts it to current subscribers as a freebie.

With rival services like Netflix screaming for viewers' attention, it's in Sky's best interest to ensure its customers are connected, and able to enjoy on-demand TV and movies on Sky's home turf, as it were.

Sky today lifted the lid on a new telly-based weapon, the Now TV box, which puts iPlayer, Sky channels and Spotify on your telly for a mere £10.

Are you a contented Sky customer? Or thinking of switching to a cheaper service like Netflix? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.