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Sky Anytime+ now available through any ISP

You can now watch Sky's on-demand service regardless of your ISP, so you don't have to sign up to Sky broadband.

Sky Anytime+, the on-demand online service, is now available regardless of who you have your broadband with -- so if you're a Sky subscriber but don't get your broadband from Murdoch's empire, you can still use the service.

Previously, you needed an account with Sky Broadband to catch-up online. You'll still need a Sky+ HD account, but Sky estimates another 5 million customers will be able to take advantage of the online service. Lucky them.

And if you're not a Sky customer but want to watch online? Well this week Sky launched a slimmed-down version in the guise of Now TV -- head to NowTV.co.uk and register your interest. It's not quite as extensive as Sky Anytime+, so paying customers won't have reason to flip tables. It's billed as "powered by Sky", rather than Sky-branded.

If you want to watch Sky Anytime+, just connect your Sky+ HD box your broadband router, and you're good to go. Movies, documentaries and more are there for you to watch whenever you like. As well as Sky's homegrown shows, there are offerings from the likes of MTV, Discovery, FX, History, Disney, UKTV, and National Geographic Channel.

Sky is currently being investigated by watchdogs over whether it has a monopoly on showing movies first. The company announced the plan to make Anytime+ available through other ISPs earlier in the year, along with the fact it was bringing the BBC's iPlayer service to subscribers. The BBC is bringing its own massive archive online in what it's codenamed Project Barcelona. Classic BBC shows will be available for download for a relatively modest fee, according to (now departing) BBC boss Mark Thompson. The huge vault will host shows like Doctor Who, Top Gear, and loads more classics.

Will you be taking advantage of Sky Anytime+? Or Now TV? Or are you more of an Auntie fan? If so, how much would you pay for a classic show from the beeb? Let me know in the comments below, or on our Facebook page.