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Simple.TV launches Kickstarter project, offers $300 Roku/antenna bundle

Simple.TV has created a Kickstarter to help fund its over-the-air DVR, offering discounted bundles to project backers.

Matthew Moskovciak/CNET

Simple.TV's innovative take on the over-the-air DVR made a splash at CES 2012, winning CNET's Best of CES award in the home theater category. Now the company has turned to Kickstarter, looking to raise $125,000 before the product launches this summer.

While Simple.TV's concept of streaming and recording over-the-air TV hasn't changed (read my initial CES story for more information), Kickstarter is making some attractive bundles available to project backers. For $200, you'll get the Simple.TV box, a full year of advanced EPG data and remote streaming capabilities, a Mohu antenna and a Simple.TV T-shirt -- a pretty good deal, considering the Simple.TV box itself will sell for $150. For $300, Simple.TV will also throw in a Roku XD and a lifetime premium subscription.

While it's not exactly a traditional Kickstarter project, it's an alternative way for Simple.TV to take preorders and offer discounts for early adopters. If you're interested in backing the project, check out Simple.TV's Kickstarter page, which also includes a new promotional video.

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