Sharp's 90-inch 'world's largest' LED TV costs £12,000

Sharp's 90-inch telly -- largest LED TV in the world! -- is now on sale in Europe. Guess how much it costs.

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Richard Trenholm
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If you've got a spare twelve grand in your sky rocket and a bare wall the size of, well, a sky rocket, then have we got news for you: Sharp's 90-inch telly -- largest LED TV in the world! -- is now on sale in Europe.

Sharp reckons the Sharp Aquos LC-90LE757 is the biggest yet and we can believe it: it's over six foot wide. Lawks!

High definition 1080p detail bursts from the XGEN 3D panel so you can watch 3D telly, movies and sports. Although it seems 3D hasn't been the revolution manufacturers hope: the recent closure of the 3D ESPN sports channel is seen as an indictment of the lack of customer interest.

The 90-inch behemoth is a smart TV, so you can connect to the Internet for on-demand TV and movies, and catch-up viewing -- not to mention apps, such as Skype for video chat.

The elephant in the room is, of course, that you need a room the size of an elephant. Sharp says you can sit as close as 3.5 metres away to enjoy the TV. I don't know about you, but in my flat, sitting 3.5m away from the TV would put me in the kitchen. My neighbour's kitchen. Three doors down.

If you're worried a TV the size of a bed might, oh I don't know, overwhelm the room a scoshe, you can set it to wallpaper mode. The TV then blends in with works of art or pictures -- or, presumably, a nice swirly magnolia.

The 90-inch Sharp TV is on (sturdy) shop shelves today for around £12,000.

Do you covet a jumbo TV or is 90 inches just too big? What's the TV size sweet spot? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or let us know over on the world's biggest Facebook wall.