Sharp HT-SB400 sound bar and DK-AP8P iPod dock: Sound off

Pin back your vestibular apparatus for new sound-related kit from Sharp: the HT-SB400 sound bar and DK-AP8P iPod dock

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Richard Trenholm

Home cinema types, pin back your lugholes for some new sound-related kit from Sharp. We give you the 3.1-channel surround sound HT-SB400 sound bar and 2.1 channel DK-AP8P iPod dock.

The DK-AP8P iPod dock, pictured above, includes a touch-control panel that actually comes off, doubling as a remote control. What a clever idea. We've broken enough bits off our gadgets over the years, it's about time one of them did something useful.

Dock your iPhone and you'll be able to make hands-free calls, pausing and then resuming music when a call comes in and hangs up. SRS Wow technology enhances performance from the built-in subwoofer by 'widening' the sweet spot where the sound is at its stereo best.

The AP8P also plugs into your telly via a video-out connection. It hits shops this month for £100.

The HT-SB400 sound bar boshes out 3.1-channel sound with a power output of 32W. It can be wall-mounted or free-standing with two speakers at the front, two in the centre and two subwoofers. It'll be available from John Lewis in February for £180.