Sharp 90-inch TV now at John Lewis for £11,000

The giant 90-inch Sharp TV is now on sale at John Lewis, if you can fit it through your door.

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Richard Trenholm

One of the biggest televisions you can buy in the UK is now on sale at John Lewis, if you can fit it through your door.

The Sharp Aquos LC-90LE757 is a 90-inch monster. Those 90-inches measure from corner-to-corner, and the telly stands 1.2 metres high and 2 metres across. You need to sit 3.5m away from the TV to truly appreciate it, so perhaps it isn't one for a bedsit.

It's a 1080p leviathan with triple tuner for watching and recording up to three TV channels, with 'active motion 200Hz technology'.

The gigantotelly connects to the Internet for the usual smart TV gubbins, Skype and on-demand films and programmes. You can connect your phone or tablet too, to control proceedings with the Aquos Remote Lite app for iOS and Android.

Of course, the biggest telly deserves the biggest price tag -- and so the giant screen will set you back £11,000.

In other news about ridiculous television, Samsung's 4K ultra high definition TVs are now on sale at Currys and PC World starting at £4,000 for a 55-inch model.

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