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Quickflix has growth in customers and streaming demand

The VOD and disc rental service has had a boost in users, as well as continuing growth in demand for its streaming video.

Quickflix has released its quarterly report and the news seems good for the Aussie disc rental and video streaming company.

(Credit: Quickflix)

According to the report, the quarter ending March 2014 saw a 13 per cent increase in active customers and — more importantly — a 16 per cent increase in paying customers (active customers include all paying customers as well as people using a trial account). This puts the number of paying users at 118,557 and the total number of users at 137,059.

Unsurprisingly, revenue was also up 9 per cent to AU$5.2 million. Quickflix noted that streaming volume is up — this is the third consecutive rise of over 20 per cent per quarter for the company.

That's important for Quickflix as the DVD and Blu-ray disc rental market in Australia continues to shrink — although it should be noted that it's still worth AU$1.5bn a year across the country.

Quickflix also released some data about the devices it has registered for its service. Over 50 per cent of all streaming data coming from Quickflix goes to Smart TVs and gaming consoles. The company has always pursued an aggressive strategy with its partnerships in these areas — it was available on the PS4 at the start of December last year and plans to have an Xbox One app by the end of April.