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Pioneer BDP-LX52, BDP-320 and BDP-120: True blu trio

Pioneer has announced the Pioneer BDP-LX52, BDP-320 and BDP-120, three Blu-ray players to keep you indoors even on the sunniest day

Pioneer may have stopped building brilliant tellies, but it's still knocking out top-notch Blu-ray players, announcing the BDP-LX52, BDP-320 and BDP-120.

Leading the trio is the top-end LX52. It's the first to feature Pioneer's Precision Quartz Lock System, which abbreviates to the tongue-swoggling PQLS. We're going to pronounce that 'puhklus'. It's designed to eliminate wobbly audio when connected to a puhklus AV receiver.

All three will support BD-Live, which will be fantastic if anyone ever thinks of anything interesting to do with it. The LX52 and 320 include internal storage for BD-Live content, but the 120 has a 2GB flash drive that you plug into the USB port.

The BDP-320 arrives this month for £400, with the BDP-120 following in July for £270 alongside the BDP-LX52 at £550.