Now TV is new Sky on-demand service

Sky has unveiled Now TV, a new pay as you go online TV service and direct rival to Lovefilm and Netflix.

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Richard Trenholm
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Sky has unveiled Now TV, a new pay as you go online TV service. Hitting your phone, tablet and computer this year with movies on-demand, Now TV is a separate brand to Sky itself and a direct rival to Lovefilm and Netflix.

Now TV is the official name for the online service promised by Sky earlier in the year, which doesn't require you to have a Sky dish or Sky broadband package. Sky has given the service its own distinct brand to avoid creating a two-tier system that could tempt current customers to switch for the cheaper option.

Instead, Sky wants to make it clear that if you have dishy Sky you're getting the full-fat package, and if you stream Now TV you're getting a watered-down diet version -- it's billed as "powered by Sky", rather than a version of Sky itself.

Announcing the new service at the Guardian's Changing Media Summit in London, Sky captain Jeremy Darroch revealed the service will offer on-demand instant access to movies at first, with Sky's sports and entertainment programming to be added later. 

That puts it into direct competition with movie-streaming rivals Netflix and Lovefilm. Sky is currently under investigation by industry watchdogs over accusations that the company's deals to screen movies first is a monopoly, a probe that was last week widened to include online movie-on-demand services.

Now TV begins broadcasting some time this year. Prices are yet to be revealed, but you can sign up for more information at NowTV.co.uk.

Are you interested in Now TV, or are there already enough online movie and TV services? Will Sky's movie monopoly bury Netflix and Lovefilm? Would you give up your Sky package for purely online viewing? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.