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New Arrested Development on Netflix in May, you choose order

New episodes of Arrested Development hit Netflix in May, with the Bluth family returning in a series that isn't a series. Come on!

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Richard Trenholm
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Family is the most important thing, but new episodes of Arrested Development are a close second. The long-awaited and hotly anticipated return of the Bluth family takes place on Netflix in May. Come on!

The 14 new episodes of the cult series will all appear on Netflix at the same time. Word on the street is that they'll debut on 4 May, so you can settle in with a vodka on the rocks for a marathon. Unless it's breakfast, in which case a vodka rocks and a piece of toast.

Even if you're not a fan of Arrested Development, what's interesting about the new run is the way it embraces the online to tell a story in a new, perhaps uniquely Internet-y way -- the new series isn't a series at all. Instead, episodes can be watched in any order, with moments repeated from different perspectives. Show creator Mitchell Hurwitz describes the episodes as a "very, very complex puzzle".

It's also very cool that the new episodes premier in the UK and other countries at the same time as in the US. More of that, please.

Once you've watched all 14 new episodes you don't have to say goodbye to these for the last time, because there's also an Arrested Development movie in the works.

Other new shows appearing exclusively on Netflix rather than on television include include horror hack Eli Roth's Hemlock Groveand the Kevin Spacey-starring US version of BBC political backstab 'em-up House of Cards.

Are you so excited about the return of Arrested Development that you blue yourself? Who's your favourite scion of the Bluth family? And is the non-linear series a clever new form of television or just a gimmick? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or the banana stand that is our Facebook page. No touching!