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New Apple TV may not be coming soon after all, report says

Fresh rumours claim we may have to wait a little longer to see a new version of Apple's set-top box.

A new version of Apple TV may not be about to surface after all, a fresh report concerning Tim Cook and pals' televisual plans says.

TechCrunch columnist and Google Ventures general partner MG Siegler wrote on his blog that the latest update to Apple's set-top box may have been 'delayed a bit'.

Siegler claims that nothing is concrete, but that -- while we might see a slightly tweaked version of Apple TV at Apple's event on Tuesday -- a radically revamped model that has a new control method may not be ready yet.

The hope-dampening report follows claims back in the summer from Siegler that Apple was cooking up a version of Apple TV for a November debut, Business Insider reported in August.

Amazon's French and German sites yanked the current Apple TV from sale recently, saying that the set-top system, which feeds movies and TV from iTunes directly into your telly, would be back in stock on 23 October -- the day after Apple's upcoming event.

Now however, both sites have changed their listings. Amazon France says the box in back in stock but delivery could take two months, while Amazon Germany is simply selling Apple TV as normal.

Apple hasn't offered a significantly refreshed version of Apple TV in ages, with the last minor update coming in January this year.

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