Netflix user profiles for couples and families due in summer

Separate user profiles are set to stop kids, friends or spouses using your account from skewing your Netflix recommendations.

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Richard Trenholm
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"Because you watched The Only Way is Essex." No I didn't! Man, I can't wait until Netflix can tell the difference when someone else uses my account -- and I shouldn't have to wait too long.

Yes, multiple user profiles for one account are coming this summer. Anyone who's ever let their kids, friends or significant others within 100 yards of their Netflix account knows the pain of things you didn't watch skewing your recommendations -- or worse, telling everyone on Facebook that you watched Say Yes to the Dress.

Not only will your recommendations go back to be being tailor-made for you, but Netflix gets piles of insanely detailed data about who's watching what, when, and for how long.

It's that sort of data that allows Netflix to decide what will be popular when forging ahead with new productions such as the massively popular House of Cards, the new series of Arrested Development and sci-fi show Sense8, coming from The Matrix creators the Wachowskis next year.

To keep your viewing habits separate from your spouses, sprogs or squatters, you simply select your profile when you log into the Netflix app or online.

Details have yet to be confirmed, but I wouldn't be surprised if multiple profiles bumped up the cost of your account. Netflix now charges an extra few quid for up to four people to watch something on your account at the same time with the £9 Netflix family plan, as opposed to the two simultaneous streams on the basic £6 plan.

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