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JBL Go Bluetooth speaker is on sale for $20

With the Go 2 now shipping, JBL's running a special on the original Go micro Bluetooth speaker.

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David Carnoy
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JBL's Go originally cost $40, but is now being discounted as it's being phased out.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Earlier this month I posted a review of the Go 2, JBL's update to its pocket-sized Bluetooth speaker. Now that it's available, the company is discounting the original Go to $20, which isn't a bad deal for a tiny speaker that doesn't sound terrible.

The Go 2 does sound a little bit better, has a slightly improved design and is fully waterproof.

On Amazon, the original Go costs anywhere from $25 to $30, depending on the color. Some Amazon reviewers claim the speaker sounds great. I'd say it sounds better than you'd think for its tiny size. But that doesn't mean it sounds great.

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Buy JBL Go at jbl.com (sale ends June 18)

Buy JBL Go at Amazon

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