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How to stream 'The Interview'

You can rent or buy the movie online at YouTube, Google Play, Xbox Video and a dedicated Sony site.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

Sony Pictures has reversed course and released "The Interview." It'll show in select theaters starting Christmas day and is now available online to stream in the U.S. No matter the outlet you choose to stream the Seth Rogen-James Franco comedy, it'll cost $5.99 to rent or $14.99 to purchase, and the price is the same for either HD or SD.

Below are your current options for renting or buying the movie online.

Sony's dedicated site,

You can rent the movie from Sony's site on your computer or mobile device.


Head to from your computer and you can rent or buy the movie. You cannot stream "The Interview" on YouTube from a mobile device or Apple TV -- only from a computer.

Google Play

You can rent or buy "The Interview" using Google Play on your phone or tablet or in your living room using Chromecast, Roku or Nexus Player.

Xbox Video

You can use your Xbox to rent or buy the movie in either HD or SD. Oddly, you can't use Sony's own PlayStation at the present to stream the movie.

Lastly, according to Variety, Netflix is in talks with Sony Pictures to stream the movie for its subscribers.