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Five best HDTVs under $1,000

CNET gathers the five best TVs we've reviewed that cost less than $1,000 and scored a 7 or higher in picture quality.

At CNET, we're sticklers for picture quality. But we also respect the desire to spend less than a grand on a TV.

Put those two principles together and you get the five TVs below, arranged in order of which ones we like best. None scored lower than a 7 in performance. Screen size also plays a factor in the rankings, so bigger TVs that limbo under that price bar get extra credit.

Panasonic TC-P50ST30

Panasonic TC-P50ST30 (50-inch plasma)
If you can live with its homely design, the excellent picture quality and feature set of the Panasonic TC-PST30 series combine to make it one of the best plasma TV values available. Read the full review.

LG 50PZ950 (50-inch plasma)
Although blessed with solid features, design, and performance, the LG PZ950 series can't quite match the excellent picture quality of the ST30. Read the full review.

LG 47LW5600 (47-inch LED)
While passive 3D has its flaws, the LG LW5600's 2D picture quality is very good for an edge-lit LED-based LCD TV, especially in bright rooms. (This one's right on the brink of $1,000 depending on where and when you look, but it deserves a spot here nonetheless.). Read the full review.

Samsung LN46D630 (46-inch LCD)
With image quality every bit as good as many expensive LED models, the Samsung LND630 is a great choice for a no-frills LCD TV. Read the full review.

Samsung UN40D6400 (40-inch LED)
Solid overall 2D and 3D picture quality, as well as a wealth of features and beautiful looks, mark the Samsung UND6400 as one of the better edge-lit LED-based LCD TVs we've tested. Read the full review.

Looking for specs and more information? Compare these TVs head-to-head. Click through to the reviews for additional screen sizes.

Only TVs we've actually reviewed made the list, but if you have an alternate to suggest, leave a comment.