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ESPlus Seeser pico projector has Android

There's no need to plug in an external source to run movies off this projector -- it runs Android, and fits in your pocket to boot.

Pico projectors may be ten a penny, but this one has something separating it from the pack. It runs Android -- yes, Android -- which is pretty awesome for a projector.

The ESPlus Seeser appears to have touch-sensitive controls, though not a fully-fledged touchscreen, so apps from Android Market are out we're afraid, reports Engadget. No Angry Birds for you -- at least, not on this tiny screen.

A 1GHz processor runs Android Froyo, and you can load on files using an SD card -- so no need to plug in your laptop or external hard drive, just slot in the SD and you can navigate your files using Android. A tiny screen above the controls appears to show what you've selected. (We say "appears" because we can't make head nor tail of the product page.)

It also features a laser-based projection system which, unlike normal lamps, doesn't need to be focussed -- so you'll have pin-sharp images with no twiddling required. It's far from HD though, with a resolution of 800x600 pixels, but that will go up to 100-inches across, and 25-lumens bright. So ideal for movies in your bedroom.

As it's a pico projector it'll fit in your pocket as well, and seeing as there's no need to hook up an external source, it could well be the perfect portable gadget for film buffs.

You can see it in action here and here, though whoever made these videos could do with a tripod.

The ESPlus Seeser will be on sale in Korea soon, but the price is yet to be announced. There's no word if it'll make it to the UK, but we've got our fingers crossed.

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