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Demand Five joins the Virgin on-demand service

The worst thing about Channel Five's soap operas is that they're on at stupid times. Now, you can watch Neighbours and Home and Away at a time that suits you on Virgin's on-demand service. Yay.

Virgin already has one of the most comprehensive on-demand services in the UK. There's broadcast quality access to shows from ITV, Channel 4 and the BBC. And now, Virgin can count Channel Five as another feather in its cap-of-television.

So, what does this mean for your day? Well, Virgin proudly points out that it now has on-demand access to every major soap in the UK. Which means that you, as an employed person can now live the life of the unemployed by watching soaps at a time that suits you. Couple Virgin on-demand with something like a SlingBox, and you could even catch-up while you're on the toilet.

But aside from catching up with soaps, we're pleased to note that the service offers HD on some programmes --Virgin tell us that Home and Away and Neighbours are both available in high definition, which came as a great relief. Channel Five also has some pretty decent US drama to, so TV fans should find something worth watching in a quiet moment.

We're actually pretty chuffed about this announcement. Virgin's on-demand service is the jewel in its crown and adding the nation's fifth and final old-school terrestrial broadcaster makes it the best service of its kind in the UK. It also offers far better quality than you would get from the streaming services found on the broadcasters websites, and that alone makes it truly worth the money.

The company's much-awaited TiVo service is also due to launch in the next few months, and there's going to be super-fast 100MB broadband too, which we're awaiting with baited breath.