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ABC iView app coming soon to Xbox One

Fancy some in-depth movie commentary from Margaret and David between rounds of Halo? You're in luck -- the ABC iView app is set to come to Xbox One very soon.

ABC iView is coming to Xbox One. ABC

Xbox Australia has confirmed that ABC's iView app will be making its way onto the Xbox One to allow users to view the public broadcaster's back catalogue of programming on the console.

However, as with Foxtel's recent announcement of Xbox One compatibility for its Foxtel Play IPTV subscription service, details on exact launch dates are still to be confirmed, with Xbox Australia only saying the native app would be launching "soon".

ABC and Xbox already have an existing relationship in Australia with gamers having access to the iView app on the Xbox 360 since December 2011, shortly after the SBS On Demand app launched for the device.

Once iView joins the fray, Xbox One users will have a full complement of free-to-air catch up apps, including SBS On Demand, TENplay and PLUS7 (though the Nine Network's 9Jumpin is not yet listed for the console).

The full range of Xbox One apps also includes YouTube, Twitch, Quickflix and Xbox Music and Xbox Video.

Xbox Australia and ABC are still staying mum on exactly when the app will be launched locally, but a spokesperson told CNET that "the app will hit in either late 2014, or early 2015".