4oD gets live TV and offline downloads on iOS and Android

4oD is getting both live and offline viewing on iPhone, iPad and Android in 2013.

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4oD is getting live and offline viewing on iOS and Android, so you can take all that swearing and all those rude bits with you wherever you go.

Misfits, Fresh Meat, Made in Chelsea and Homeland are among the Channel 4 shows you'll be able to take with you starting next year. Even better, you'll be able to watch 4oD's extensive back catalogue of classic programmes, such as The IT Crowd, Black Books, Peep Show, Spaced, Queer as Folk, GBH, Hill Street Blues, Traffik, Shameless, St Elswhere, Skins, This is England and many more.     

Channel 4 channels will be live on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and Android phones and tablets from early 2013. And if you missed your favourite shows, you can download and watch catch-up episodes on your iOS device when you're out and about even without a Wi-Fi hotspot, or chewing into your data allowance.

You'll also be able to pause a programme on 4oD in one place and then start watching again from the same point on another device. So if you're catching up on the latest episode of Hollyoaks but you have to head out, you can just grab your phone or tablet and keep going from the same point once you've left the house.

Offline caching of catch-up shows launches on Android later in 2013. Downloaded shows are free, but will feature ads. 

The broadcaster is planning to use your registration information to better target ads at you based on your age, gender and location, and what you've watched. Channel 4 claims a third of all 16-34 year-olds in the UK are registered with 4oD, with 10,000 new viewers registering every day. 

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