Apple AR Headset to Be Announced in January 2023, Analyst Says

The headset will likely be the most complicated product Apple has ever designed, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo writes.

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Apple Augmented Reality

Once Apple launches its AR headset, competitors are expected to emulate it. 

James Martin/CNET

The demand for virtual and augmented reality in the gaming industry is growing, and according to reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple's AR/VR headset will further boost this demand. It'll be announced in January 2023, Kuo wrote in a blog post on Thursday.

The AR/VR headset is expected to be the most complicated product Apple has designed yet, he noted.

Competitors in the VR industry, such as Meta, are projected to emulate Apple's headset once it is launched, according to Kuo. 

"Apple's global rivals will compete to imitate it, leading the headset hardware industry to the next stage of rapid growth and benefiting the related services and content ecosystem," Kuo wrote.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has been vocal about his excitement about AR. Earlier this week, he explained that the tech industry is still in the "very early innings" of this technology's possibilities.

"I couldn't be more excited about the opportunities we've seen in this space, and sort of stay tuned and you'll see what we have to offer," Cook told China Daily.

Apple didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

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