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Removing ads from new Kindle costs $30

Not sure you want to buy a Kindle with Special Offers because of the ads? There's an easy way out--but it'll cost you.

On the non-touch Kindle 2011, you can upgrade to the ad-free version by going into Manage Your Kindle in your account settings on Amazon (click to enlarge).
The Digital Reader

There's some good news for those of you who are considering buying one of the new "subsidized" Kindles With Special Offers but are worried the ads might be too irritating: you can easily upgrade to the ad-free Kindle if you don't like it.

That's right, once you buy a Special Offers version, you can easily shut off the ads by simply paying a fee--the difference between what a Kindle Special Offers costs and what an ad-free version costs. In the case of the currently available non-touch Kindle 2011, which goes for $79 for the Special Offers version, you'll be charged $30.

According to Nate Hoffelder over at The Digital Reader blog, "You can go into the Manage Your Kindle page and unsubscribe from the adverts. This only works on the K4 (and probably the kTouch when it is released)."

Alas, the unsubscribe feature isn't available for owners of the Kindle 3 (now known as the Kindle Keyboard).

It's worth noting that we didn't mind the ads, though the new local "deals" Amazon is starting to push out seem a little more grating for some reason. (If you're a fan of Living Social, they'll be right up your alley). But it's nice to know that you can opt out, even if it costs you. Now if only Amazon could run a special $10-off offer on turning off the ads it might seem like a deal.