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​Amazon may be developing a solar-powered Kindle e-reader case

This follows CEO Jeff Bezos' tease about introducing a new Kindle next week.

Amazon could be working on a sunny idea.
Sarah Tew/CNET

Amazon plans to start selling a new Kindle e-reader that's thinner than previous designs, thanks to a rechargeable, removable case. That's according to a Wall Street Journal report Tuesday, which came out just a day after Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said his company will reveal a new top-shelf Kindle next week.

More interestingly, the report mentioned that Amazon is also working on a case for its Kindle e-reader that can be charged by solar power. However, the company isn't likely to release it in the immediate future, the publication said. Amazon declined to comment on the report.

The e-reader market has been on the decline since around 2011, with more customers turning to more versatile tablets instead. However, the Kindle remains a dominant force in e-readers, outpacing rivals like the Nook from Barnes & Noble and Samsung.