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We're giving away an emergency bug-out bag*

This full-size emergency kit includes seven days of food and water, a radio, a personal water filter and much more. *Open to residents of the US and Puerto Rico only.

Enter for a chance to win the Echo-Sigma Emergency Bug-Out Bag, a complete emergency kit that is designed to be kept in your home or office. The Echo-Sigma includes a hydration bladder drinking system, a survival kit, a first aid kit, a sleeping bag, seven days of food and water, a multitool, and we've also included a LifeStraw personal filter. Check out the full contents of the bag.

To sign up for a chance to be the grand prize winner, you have to read the official rules, accept the terms and conditions, and fill out the form below. If you are having trouble seeing the form on your mobile device, please use this link. Otherwise, make sure your ad blocker is disabled and refresh the page.

This giveaway was inspired by Hacking the Apocalypse, CNET's first limited docuseries that explores different scenarios on how technology can help us survive a global catastrophe. You can get additional entries to increase your chances of winning by watching each episode or subscribing to our YouTube channel.

And to learn more about emergency preparedness, you can take a look at what you need to know when you're evacuating your home and preparing your own bug-out bag.

Head to the comment section to share with us which episode is your favorite. Good luck, everyone!