High-tech Coolbox has everything, even room for tools

A new toolbox with LED lights, speakers, outlets, a whiteboard and more blew past its Indiegogo goal in a day. Will it keep going?

Michael Franco
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Michael Franco
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Meet the next evolution of the toolbox. Coolbox

If you follow the world of crowdfunding, then you know that the Coolest Cooler smashed records during its Kickstarter campaign in 2014, raising more than $13 million and becoming the most-funded project ever on the platform. So when you look at the new Coolbox toolbox just starting its funding campaign on Indiegogo, you have to wonder if it's going to have the same kind of success. It's made by a different group, but the concept seems similar. And it's already come close to doubling its goal of $50,000 -- in its first two days.

In some ways, the Coolbox seems very much like the Cooler, just meant for DIYers instead of beach partiers and tailgaters (not that the two are mutually exclusive). You can see the similarities in the USB ports -- which get their juice from the internal rechargeable battery -- Bluetooth speakers, LED lights, wheels and bottle opener.

In addition to those fun elements, the Coolbox also has a magnetic lid -- which really is a cool innovation that helps you keep track of loose screws, bolts and the other magnetic bits you encounter while doing a DIY project.

There's a whiteboard under the lid where you can jot down notes while you're working, plus tablet stands both on the top of the box and inside so that you can watch step-by-step instructions on YouTube as you work. Plus, on the left side of the box,there are three additional grounded outlets that operate when you have the Coolbox plugged via its retractable cord so that the whole thing functions like a giant extension cord.

And, oh, yeah, it's got a bunch of storage space inside for your tools -- and even a special compartment for your smartphone.

Based on the video for the toolbox, it's definitely being pitched for a hip, young, urban market rather than for serious contractors (witness the hipster beards, flip-flops and flannel), but I can definitely see both segments getting some serious use out of the thing.

The early-bird Coolboxes are already sold out, but you can get one for $179 (about £120, AU$225) which, the makers say, represents a savings of $120 off the eventual retail price. Shipping is available worldwide for an extra fee. The expected delivery date is in June, so start planning those DIY projects now!