Welcome to CNET, Tim Stevens

Starting this September, one of tech's best-known comes to CNET. He'll bring his storytelling skills with him.

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Lindsey Turrentine
Tim Stevens
Tim Stevens XPRIZE

Two years ago, Tim Stevens and I met for a few minutes after work one day not long after he had taken the helm at Engadget.

We compared professional notes, chatting about what it's like to run a consumer tech editorial team (overwhelming, exhilarating, rewarding, really good for frequent-flier miles) and discussing the intermittently overlapping histories of two brands that have grown exponentially over the past decade.

That was the first time I'd met Tim, and I walked away with an immediate respect for the man once called the "Nicest Man in Tech." (Anyone who knows Tim can verify: he remains the nicest.)

Two years out, my professional respect for Tim, his writing and on-camera work, his work on Distro, and his leadership, has only grown. That's why I'm so especially excited to announce that on September 3, Tim Stevens will be coming to CNET.

Tim will use his journalistic talent and his deep perspective on the tech industry to tell new stories about where your technology comes from and where it's going. He'll write long-form features, and he'll spend a good amount of time exploring automotive technology.

Tim has a special talent for building rapport with his fans and readers, and I'm thrilled to give him the largest stage in our industry to continue that open dialogue with his readers and with the entire global CNET audience.

Please give him a warm welcome.