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Week in pictures: Stardust memories

roundup NASA probe blasts off and Stardust capsule comes home. Also: Google views of tech HQs, skin scans and Mideast tech hub.

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NASA probe blasts off and Stardust capsule comes home. Also: Google views of tech HQs, skin scans and Mideast tech hub.

Comet dust

First look at comet dust

NASA scientists have opened the Stardust probe and found particles from the tail of a comet. January 19, 2006

January 17, 2006

Stardust capsule returns with comet dust

After a 2.9 billion mile journey, NASA's Stardust probe returned to Earth--carrying secrets of the solar system. January 17, 2006

Atlas V

Destination Pluto

The Atlas V lifts off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on its way to Pluto. January 19, 2006

Cartwheel galaxy

The Cartwheel galaxy

A composite image of the Cartwheel and two neighboring galaxies, one of which may have collided with the Cartwheel long ago. January 18, 2006

Where on Google Earth?

Where on Google Earth is this?

Challenge: Match these satellite views with the appropriate tech company headquarters. Click here for answers. January 18, 2006

Doha, Qatar

An evolving high-tech center

Qatar is taking steps in creating a major university center that can help lead it into a post-oil world. January 18, 2006

Skinny on skin

Getting the skinny on skin

A soon-to-be-released high-tech gadget analyzes skin, both above and below the surface. January 18, 2006

Doing  360

A look inside Nissan's Xbox car

How do you drive when your car's standing still? Just ask Nissan, whose Urge puts you behind the wheel of an Xbox 360. January 19, 2006

Google subpoena

Google subpoenaed over pornography

Prosecutors defending an Internet pornography law demand that Google hand over millions of search records. January 19, 2006

Larry Lessig

Lessig gets real in a virtual world

Stanford Law School professor Larry Lessig talks with "Second Life" about his book "Free Culture." January 19, 2006

Richard Stallman

Defender of the GPL

Richard Stallman staunchly defends the tenets of version 3 of the General Public License. January 17, 2006

Dying for a killer gig

Photos: Dying to be a corpse

Chuck Lamb hopes to gain immortality through his Web site, DeadBodyGuy.com, featuring photos of him playing dead. January 17, 2006


Seagate's mighty Momentus drive

The perpendicular recording technique in this 2.5-inch drive means a notebook could pack 160GB of storage. January 17, 2006

Rubik's competition

'Cubers' gather for Rubik's competition

Dozens of the best in the world at the famous cube come to San Francisco for a competition. January 15, 2006