Week in pictures: Roadsters of the future

roundup Motor show unveils shape of cars to come. Also: Nature's design, Apple's latest, more toys for shutterbugs.

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Motor show unveils the shape of cars to come. Also: Nature's design, Apple's latest, and more toys for shutterbugs.

21st-century roadster

Acabion--the next generation of cars?

The Acabion rides on two large wheels and claims to be able to reach 280 mph while using just half its power. March 2, 2006

Styling in Geneva

Cars with speed and style in Geneva

At the Geneva auto show, carmakers flaunt jet fighter designs and lots of horsepower. March 1, 2006

From nature to lab

Spirals go from nature to the lab

Inspired by spirals found in nature, inventor believes the form could lead to breakthroughs in many fields. March 1, 2006

Apple's new product

Apple's Intel Mini, iPod Hi-Fi

Jobs and Co. release a Mac Mini with Intel inside, along with an iPod boom box. February 28, 2006

Life in the Geekcorps

Life in the Geekcorps

Volunteers help emerging nations get up-to-date technology that changes lives. February 28, 2006


TiVo touts KidZone service

TiVo announces technology that allows parents to control what their kids watch via the company's DVR service. March 2, 2006

Spiffy cameras

Click here for new digital cameras

New cameras for professionals, amateurs and even eBay sellers debut at the Photo Marketing Association show. February 27, 2006


Camera phones focus on three megapixels

Sony Ericsson unveils six new camera phones and new Bluetooth handsets. February 28, 2006

Kembrew McLeod

'Creative Criminal' Kembrew McLeod

"Copyright Criminals" documentary co-director Kembrew McLeod shown in his office at the University of Iowa. February 27, 2006

Helping out in Mississippi

Burning Man vets aid Katrina region

Burning Man vets camp out in Pearlington, Miss., where they are helping with the town's reconstruction. March 1, 2006

Hiring spree

Google's hiring spree

chart The tech juggernaut has lured some of the best and brightest over the past two years. Here's a look at who they are and why they came. February 27, 2006

Six versions of Vista

Six versions of Vista

chart Microsoft has decided to offer six distinct versions of the Windows update. Here they are from simplest to most tricked-out. February 27, 2006

How services stack up

PC support services

chart PC support services and prices vary depending on need and provider. Here's how they stack up. March 1, 2006