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Week in pictures: New looks for PCs

roundup Rest your eyes on a high-tech coffee table, see PCs with style and find out why space tourism is no vacation.

Rest your eyes on a high-tech coffee table, see PCs with style and find out why space tourism is no vacation.

HP Labs celebrates its 40th anniversary with a novel approach to the entertainment PC. February 22, 2006

Logisys Computer is selling a PC shell that resembles Apple's much-lauded media player. February 23, 2006

Asus is wrapping laptops in carbon fiber, aluminium, leather and Lamborghini. February 24, 2006

Companies are gearing up to take you into orbit. First, you have to survive the centrifuge. February 22, 2006

Scientists are studying a strange burst--possibly a gamma ray explosion. February 24, 2006

EU begins issuing e-passports that contain an embedded chip while the United States makes its own plans. February 21, 2006

From Karl Rove to Lindsay Lohan, A-list types can't get enough of RIM's "CrackBerry"--and may soon have to go through withdrawal. February 23, 2006

Carmaker plans to sell a hybrid version of its popular Fit subcompact for less than $12,000, according to reports. February 22, 2006

Judge says Google image search violates copyright of Perfect 10, which sells photos of nude women. February 22, 2006

Couldn't score a ticket to Turin? Spectators armed with cameras take you along to the slopes and ice rinks of the 2006 Winter Olympics. February 21, 2006

There were no s'mores roasting over a campfire--this gathering was all about smooshing software code to create custom applications. February 21, 2006

Edoc Laundry weaves a multimedia game into the fabric of its high-quality, high-concept garments. February 21, 2006

Here are some of the headphone options available to improve the listening experience of portable music players. February 18, 2006

Satellite imaging from NASA helps researchers detect Mayan ruins, previously undetectable from space because of a dense forest canopy. February 21, 2006

Chinese computer maker Lenovo breaks from the ThinkPad brand and issues its first Lenovp-branded PCs in the United States. February 23, 2006

HP is set to debut photo kiosks in Albertson's supermarkets and Longs Drug Stores nationwide. February 23, 2006