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Watch molten copper destroy a Rubik's Cube and Ping-Pong balls

When classic toys get covered in molten copper, the results are anything but playful.

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Bonnie Burton profile photo
Bonnie Burton
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Bonnie Burton
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Many of us have fond memories of playing with beloved toys like a Rubik's Cube and Ping-Pong balls. But when you no longer have a need for them, you could always pour piping hot metal over them in the name of science.

In the video "Molten Copper vs Rubik's Cube," posted by YouTuber Tito4re on Wednesday, we see some rather dramatic science in action.

As liquid copper is poured over the Rubik's Cube, the plastic parts immediately catch fire, causing not only impressive flames but a thick mass of smoke. In the end, the cube is transformed into a melted blob of its former self.

"Pouring 1,984°F (1,085°C) molten copper on a Rubik's Cube," Tito4re wrote on the YouTube page. "I was going to let the cube burn all the way but it was throwing to much black smoke, i'm pretty sure the neighbors would of thought the house was on fire."

But a Rubik's Cube isn't the only toy in the hot seat. In the video "Molten Copper vs Ping Pong Balls," posted by Tito4re on Thursday, we also see exactly what happens when you pour molten copper at 1,984°F (1,085°C) on Ping-Pong balls.

The Ping-Pong balls went up in flames so quickly, there was hardly any footage to admire, so Tito4re made sure to add slow-motion footage to the video for us all to appreciate.

Anyone reading this probably shouldn't try any of this at home. That why YouTubers like Tito4re exist -- to risk their lives to entertain us with molten metal videos like these.

Tito4re has had fun in past videos with molten metal and other odd subjects like a McDonald's Big Mac, a tennis ball, a snow globe, Legos, and bubblegum.