Watch a glorious 'Earthrise' from the perspective of the moon

One smart filmmaker has allowed us to watch Earth rising over the moon's horizon.

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Mark Serrels

An Earthrise in all its glory. 

Sean Doran

Irish filmmaker Seán Doran has a habit of putting together glorious-looking YouTube videos that reach into the glorious vistas of space. Just this month he put together a stunning video of Mars based on data streaming back from NASA's Perseverance Rover.

Now he's posted a video of an "Earthrise."

What's an Earthrise? It's much like a sunrise, only instead of watching the sun stretch above the Earth's horizon, this time we're watching Earth itself rise, from the perspective of the moon. 

It's mind-blowing to watch. And a good exercise in reminding yourself that Earth isn't at the center of this universe, or any universe for that matter. 

The images were produced using archive data from JAXA's Kaguya orbiter that was launched back in 2007. You can see more of Doran's work here.

The very first Earthrise images were taken by NASA's Apollo 8 mission in December 1968.