U.S. retakes Top500 supercomputer crown

The U.S. has overtaken Japan to become home of the world's most powerful supercomputer, as an IBM-based Sequoia system trounces the Japanese K Computer.

Jack Clark
IBM Blue Gene/Q
IBM's Blue Gene/Q supercomputer at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory sits atop the latest Top500 supercomputing list. Top500

Sequoia, an IBM Blue Gene/Q supercomputer at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, reached 16.32 petaflops, while previous leader K Computer trailed with 10.5 petaflops, according to the Top500 list. The list was published today at the International Supercomputing Conference in Hamburg.

The latest edition of the list, which is published twice a year, shows that Intel is slipping and IBM is recapturing lost ground, while the U.S. is back on top after losing its lead three years ago. New technologies reign, from updated IBM chips to a build of Fujitsu's novel interconnect product.

Intel processors appeared in 372 systems in the June list -- 74.4 percent of the total -- down from 384 in the November 2011 rankings. Meanwhile, IBM has increased its share from 49 to 58 systems, an 11.6-percent rise.

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