This Is What It Looks Like to Take a Personal Flying Vehicle to Work

Startup Jetson Aero says it's completed the world's first eVTOL commute.

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Andy Altman

We've all dreamed about it. You hop out your front door, step into your flying car and fly over all that gridlock to get to work. Startup Jetson Aero may have just brought that concept a little closer to reality.

The maker of the Jetson One says co-founder Tomasz Patan completed the world's first commute in an eVTOL -- electric vertical takeoff and landing -- machine on May 21. He made the flight from his home in Tuscany, Italy, to Jetson offices about three miles away, currently located at the home of co-founder and CEO Peter Ternström.

"We want to explore what is the practical stuff we can do with an eVTOL?" Ternström told CNET. "Can it replace a Vespa? Probably yes. But you can't go to Ikea with it. You know, you can't move pianos." Watch the video above to hear more from our interview with Ternström.

Jetson Aero has already taken more than 400 preorders for its Jetson One, priced at $92,000. The company expects its first deliveries to begin next year.