The SuitX exoskeleton gave me crazy strength

It’s almost as good as an Iron Man suit.

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Lexy Savvides
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I feel superhuman.

I just lifted a 50-pound box like it weighed almost nothing -- no gym time required. I'm wearing an exoskeleton by SuitX that's supporting my back, using a clever system of springs and clutches to give me a boost.

Watch this: What it's like wearing an exoskeleton

Industrial exoskeletons, or exosuits, are designed to enhance your strength and help prevent injuries when performing repetitive tasks. They're becoming increasingly important in car factories, with workers at Fiat Chrysler trying the SuitX. Ford is using the EksoVest from Ekso Bionics to help employees lift and hold car components overhead.

The SuitX is made up of three different components named after the parts of your body they're protecting: the BackX; the LegX to make it easier to hold a crouched position; and the ShoulderX to reduce strain when working above your head. 

With the LegX, you can squat for hours without feeling any strain in your legs or knees. It's like having your own personal chair that goes with you everywhere. Read more about how the SuitX works here.

What else did I do with the exoskeleton? Watch the video on this page to see for yourself (it's also available on YouTube). 

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