The Curiosity Rover took this selfie in the middle of a dust storm on Mars

The Curiosity Rover looks like a million bucks regardless of the weather. Work it!

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Mark Serrels
Seán Doran

Last time I took a selfie in the middle of a storm I looked terrible.

But then again, I'm no NASA Curiosity Rover.

Watch this: Mars rover Curiosity takes selfie during brutal dust storm

This image, shared by Seán Doran on Sunday, shows the Curiosity Rover in the middle of a Martian dust storm. Much like most of the photography shared by the rover, it looks simultaneously real and otherworldly.

Curiosity was apparently keeping tabs on the storm, which at one point covered as much area as the US and Russia combined

And for the nitpickers among you, looking for the selfie stick and wondering, "how the hell is Curiosity even taking this photo?" Here's your answer:

It's a composite shot, essentially. 

The dust storm has sadly taken down Opportunity, the other Mars rover. Opportunity has been active on Mars for 15 years and NASA is hopeful it will survive the storm. 

Curiosity, meanwhile, is surviving as a result of its Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator, which allows it to maintain power during a storm of this magnitude.

Godspeed, you beautiful robot.

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