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Suitcase operations center puts you in control

Base-X portable operations center includes everything but the kitchen sink.


You're block captain of the neighborhood watch, a hurricane is barreling through your ward, and FEMA is still looking for its waders. But this time you're prepared.

That's because you're packing the Base X Suitcase Operations Center, a set-up for a 4- to 10-person emergency response team that puts you immediately in charge. The SOC is a self-contained wireless visual information powerhouse, according to Base X.


The system can be completely contained in three rugged cases and deployed anywhere, holding everything you need to access the Internet via Ku satellite or a commercial wireless card. Keep track of your minions while getting your message out, complete with real-time video of the situation (PDF).

Included are video display systems, wireless projectors, Panasonic Toughbook laptops, wireless cellular router, DMZ port, DHCP support, auto negotiation, and firewall protection--everything you need to get the attention of Sean Penn and Spike Lee. Just make sure you bring your own boat.