SpaceX's Starship Users Guide lets you daydream about an escape from Earth

There's nothing better than a glossy brochure.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser

SpaceX wants Starship to take humans off-world some day.


When you want the details, you turn to a user guide. Potential customers for SpaceX's under-development Starship can now check out a glossy brochure that covers topics like payload volume, acoustics, performance and crew configuration. 

The Starship Users Guide is live on the SpaceX site. It doesn't reveal any Earth-shattering new information, but it does gather together a lot of details in one place while doing an effective job of selling the reusable spacecraft's capabilities. 

Starship hasn't tried for orbit yet, but CEO Elon Musk recently shared photos of the SN3 prototype under construction in Texas. Musk has visions of one day building 100 Starships per year in order to send humans to Mars.

The guide includes some nifty graphics showing how payloads are deployed and the difference between the crewed (with windows) and uncrewed configurations. For those interested in hitching a ride on Starship one day, you may be sharing the journey with up to 99 other people. 

SpaceX is open to mission suggestions from potential clients. "With a fully reusable Starship, satellites can be captured and repaired in orbit, returned to Earth, or transferred to a new operational orbit," the brochure says while inviting customers to "conceptualize new ideas" by contacting the sales team.

One detail you won't find is pricing. If you have to ask how much it costs to send 100 people into orbit, you probably can't afford it. 

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