SpaceX Dragon delivers Death Wish Coffee to ISS astronauts

The International Space Station crew might never sleep again.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser

The world's strongest coffee packaged for space consumption.

Death Wish Coffee

Things are about to get highly caffeinated in space.

Astronauts on the International Space Station on Monday successfully captured a SpaceX Dragon cargo spacecraft. The delivery includes science-y delights like a space algae experiment and an AI robot, but the real eye-opener on board is the world's strongest coffee.

Death Wish Coffee says its product is "200 percent more caffeinated than your average coffee house cuppa joe." 

The company couldn't just send whole beans into space, so it had to create a freeze-dried instant version of its mouth-melting brew in collaboration with NASA food specialists. 

The process required brewing the coffee, heating it into a concentrated form, freezing the concentrate and then breaking it up into tiny pieces. It spent time in a drying chamber and was then packaged into a space-friendly container that just needs the addition of water to bring it back to heart-pounding life.

The Dragon capsule launched on Friday and will spend about a month docked to the ISS. The crew will unload the spacecraft and fill it back up with cargo and research for its return journey to Earth.

Death Wish, based in Round Lake, New York, earns itself some cosmic bragging rights from this caffeine delivery. "The world's strongest coffee will now be the strongest coffee in the galaxy," the company says.

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