Google Doodle Celebrates James Webb Space Telescope's Glorious Images

This is the most adorable way to get your James Webb fix today.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
Google Doodle showing cartoon version of Webb telescope against a stylized Google logo.
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Google Doodle showing cartoon version of Webb telescope against a stylized Google logo.

The Google Doodle for July 12 marked the release of the first science images from the James Webb Space Telescope.


It isn't just astronomers who are losing their minds over the new images from the next-gen James Webb Space Telescope. NASA, the European Space Agency and the Canadian Space Agency unveiled a set of eye-popping views of the universe on Tuesday, and Google celebrated the reveal with a special Google Doodle on its search page.

Google uses its Doodles -- often done as little animations, videos or games -- to honor all sorts of events, people and places, from Native American comedian Charlie Hill to Route 66. The Webb Telescope Doodle features an adorable cartoon version of the 'scope whipping out a camera and delivering snapshots containing galaxies, stars and nebulas.

Clicking on the Doodle takes you to the search results for "James Webb Space Telescope," where NASA's news tops the headlines. 

The Doodle team posted the animation on Twitter, writing, "Are we alone in the universe? How'd we get here? The first images from the James Webb Space Telescope help us unfold the universe and answer the questions above."

Webb is on a mission to study the earliest galaxies, observe distant exoplanets and peer into the history of the cosmos. Get a full breakdown on the new images right here and see for yourself how Webb is going to shake up what we know about our universe.