Elon Musk's Favorite Playthings Coming Soon in Miniature With SpaceX Matchbox Toys

Mattel is introducing very small versions of some very big rockets.

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Eric Mack

SpaceX Crew Dragon could get the Matchbox treatment soon.


Elon Musk's companies famously don't spend much on marketing, relying instead on their founder's massive following, but now SpaceX is making a move into merchandising with the help of Mattel.

The toymaker said Wednesday it will begin releasing "SpaceX-inspired" Matchbox toys next year. Matchbox has been making iconic toy versions of all sorts of vehicles from tractors to military fighter jets for decades. 

The agreement between the two companies extends multiple years, but details of the upcoming toys haven't yet been announced. 

"We look forward to working with Mattel to help inspire the next generation of space explorers and enthusiasts," SpaceX Vice President Brian Bjelde said in a statement.

Matchbox has created other collectible replicas of space-related vehicles in the past, including the Space Shuttle and NASA's rocket transporter vehicle. Another old school Mattel toy brand, Hot Wheels, has produced miniatures of the Curiosity and Perseverance Mars rovers

And technically, this won't be the first Musk vehicle launched to space to get the shrinky-dink treatment.

In 2018, Hot Wheels released a plastic model of Musk's cherry red Tesla Roadster that was launched toward Mars as part of the first demonstration launch of a Falcon Heavy rocket. 

The toys are set to drop in 2023, surely becoming a must have addition to any collection that also features the Boring Company "flamethrower."

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