So there's a gorilla suit on board the International Space Station

Astronaut Scott Kelly dons an ape costume for some in-orbit hijnks far above the planet's surface.

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space ape
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space ape

There's a gorilla loose on the ISS.

Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

The International Space Station absolutely does not have a werewolf problem, but it may have a minor were-gorilla issue. NASA astronaut Scott Kelly transformed from a regular human into a hairy beast and chased a fellow astronaut down a hallway on the ISS. He shared the video evidence of the romp on Tuesday through social media.

The video is scored with the song "Yakety Sax," also known as the theme to the comedy show "Benny Hill."

The footage starts off like a short documentary showing a crew member loading a bag from a resupply ship into a laboratory. Then out pops Kelly in an ape suit and a floating chase ensues. Alfonso Cuarón is probably kicking himself for not thinking of including a scene like this in "Gravity."

According to Escapist Magazine, Kelly's retired astronaut twin brother Mark Kelly pulled some strings at NASA to have the suit sent up into space as part of a care package.

Kelly is nearing the end of a year-long stay on the ISS and has been particularly active on social media. Last week, he shared a series of eye-catching photos of Earth. He has also tended zinnia plants, watched the Super Bowl from afar and played ping-pong with water. Kelly is due to return to Earth in March.

You can already hear a certain contingent questioning the decision to ship a gorilla suit to the space station along with more pressing cargo like experiments and food. But let's keep in mind that astronauts are cooped up in small living quarters, working hard for long days. Letting loose in a gorilla suit in microgravity seems like a great way to relax.

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