SkyDrive Aims to Demo Flying Cars in 2025

The Japanese startup partners with Suzuki to introduce personal flying vehicles at the future Osaka World Expo.

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Andy Altman

If Japanese startup SkyDrive has its way, visitors to the 2025 Osaka World Expo will be cruising around in personal flying vehicles.

SkyDrive recently announced a partnership with Suzuki to develop an all-electric eVTOL, or electric vertical take-off and landing vehicle. SkyDrive said the two-seat vehicle, currently called the SD-05, will carry one pilot and one passenger. CNET recently spoke with SkyDrive's head of Air Mobility. Watch the video embedded here to learn more about the company's vision for the SD-05 and the future of transportation.


SkyDrive's SD-03 prototype eVTOL makes its public debut.


SkyDrive started getting attention when it debuted its prototype eVTOL, the SD-03, in August 2020. In a public demonstration, the piloted vehicle flew roughly 6 feet above the ground and hovered for about 4 minutes.

In April, SkyDrive announced it had reached an reached an agreement with Japanese transportation regulators on the basis for certification of a flying car.