See NASA astronaut Christina Koch reunite with her dog after a year in space

It's the feel-good story of the year.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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Christina Koch got a spacewalk selfie in January 2020.


Astronauts who spend months orbiting on the International Space Station miss their families. They miss Earth food. And they most definitely miss their dogs. 

NASA astronaut Christina Koch returned to the planet's surface on Feb. 6 after spending a whopping 328 days on the ISS. Koch posted an adorable video of her reunion with her dog to Twitter on Thursday. 

The video shows the eager pup wagging up a storm and madly scratching at a glass door as Koch approaches. Much wiggling ensues and Koch looks equally thrilled to rejoin her canine buddy. This is the sort of video you can leave on loop and enjoy over and over again. 

"Not sure who was more excited. Glad she remembers me after a year!" Koch wrote. The pup's name is LBD, which stands for "Little Brown Dog." Koch adopted her from the humane society.

Koch set a record for the longest single spaceflight by a woman and she participated in the first all-female spacewalk in October 2019. She can also list "proud dog parent" up high on her resume.

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