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SEAL inspired deckwear available in 5 styles

Water-friendly, nonslip shoes designed for "adventure", stealth.


Whether it's tacking your 10 meter off Tahiti or slipping over the gunwale of a super tanker in the Gulf of Aden, this stylish line of footwear is sure to keep you high and dry.

The OTB line of boots and topsiders uses footwear technology developed for high-performance boat shoes worn by U.S. Navy SEALs, according to OTB Footwear, of Scituate, Mass. OTB stands for "over the beach," navy parlance for sandy delivery.

The company says it designs products for "specific adventures" rather than fashion. The shoes are made from "water friendly synthetics" and feature plenty of ventilating mesh.

The perforated flat sole, or razor siping, is cut to channel water away and prevent the wearer from hydroplaning. Best of all, the shoes are stealthy; there's no tell-tale squeak on any kind of deck, wet or dry. A recessed arch on the outsole is helpful when climbing rungs. The result is fast-drying, sure-footed traction on both dry and wet surfaces, available in a range of styles and colors.

One caveat, keep them away from the heater and don't leave them to dry on the dash with the windows closed, as they can come unglued.

The Poseidon-pictured here in blue and white-runs $85. Over The Beach and into The Clubhouse, as the great sea dog himself would have it.