Great news! Scientists just discovered 23 new species of spider

Also: They feature spiders who hunt on water. Great stuff. Amazing news. Sleep tight everyone!

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We present Spider-Man as opposed to more frightening imagery.

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Welcome to Australia, where everything wants to kill you, eat you, or poison you. 

Also we have spiders, a lot of spiders, and scientists have recently discovered 23 more, reports Gizmodo Australia.

That's 23 new goddamn species of spider. Good times. More great news: Some of these spiders hunt on water. 

Given that the spiders were found in Australia by Dr Robert Raven, an Australian arachnologist, it makes sense that one of the spiders is named after Mick Fanning ("Ornodolomedes mickfanningi") the world-class Aussie surfer. 

Another is named after Jack Nicholson ("Ornodolomedes nicholsoni") and another is named for Professor Brian Greene ("Dolomedes briangreenei"). The spiders can be found in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Northern Territory,Tasmania and New Caledonia. They occupy generas Dolomedes, Ornodolomedes, Megadolomedes, Dendrolycosa and Mangromedes. 

The Ornodolomedes spiders feature some of Raven's favourites.

"The spiders in the Ornodolomedes genus are some of the most beautiful Australian water spiders I have ever seen in my career due to their various patterns and colours – the photos do not do them justice," said Raven.

Yes. Beautiful.

You can read more about these new spider discoveries here.

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