Watch this sand printing robot turn the beach into a notepad

And you were going to put a message in a bottle like a chump.

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The writing's on the sand...

Ivan Miranda/YouTube

Next time you're stuck on a desert island, there's no need to scrawl your SOS in the sand with a stick -- get a robot to do it!

This sand drawing robot is the genius work of Ivan Miranda, a self-confessed "hyperactive YouTuber and creator" based in northern Spain, who has racked up an impressive collection of projects, including 3D-printed robots, hovercraft and even a tank.

Enlarge Image

The Sand Drawing Robot in action.

Ivan Miranda/YouTube

The robot is effectively a long bar that acts kind of like a printer, rolling across the beach and spelling out messages by making a series of dashes in the sand. A mechanical unit slides across the main metal bar and when it gets to the spot where it needs to draw, a little notch drops down and makes a stripe in the sand.

Look, let's not lie, the robot is slow (even Miranda preps himself for a long sit on the sand once it's set up) -- so it may not be the best option for getting a quick message to a plane flying over your desert island. But we wouldn't be surprised if this gadget was picked up next summer by surf companies and energy drink advertisers trying to brand the sand. 

You can check out the rest of Miranda's 3D-printed and robotic creations on his website.

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